Iris Panzió

Bãile Tuºnad, the worldwide famous spa resort, is located between Miercurea Ciuc (32 km) and Braºov (70 km) in the south - eastern part of Transsylvania, Romania.

The spa resort started its development as early as 1845, a major contribution to this development being attributed to the romano-catholic bishop of Transsylvania, Kovács Miklós, born in Tuºnad. Later, even the austrian emperor Franz Josef supported the resort’s development.

Starting from 1860 the spa resort was becoming more and more popular in the Romanian Principalities, too, attracting many visitors. In 1868 swiss style villas were built, in front of them having a wooden walking area with roof, according to the fashion of that period in Europe- that is why the resort was called „the little Switzerland”.

In 1872 a few walking routes were created through the surrounging forests, heading to peaks like Apor Bástya (701 m) and Ludmilla Kilátó (725 m), which are recomended even in our days as fresh air cures.

Bãile Tuºnad and its surroundings are very rich is natural resourses like mineral waters with diverse mineral content, the sulphureous moffettes, the fresh air full of negative ions and the unique beauty of the landscape full of forests, rivers and lakes. Thats why it is an excellent place for treatment of neurological, cardiological and other health problems.

For those who love hiking, at least five, well marked routes are leaving the resort through the forests to reach the most famous places in the surroundings: Ludmilla Kilátó (725 m), Vártetõ (1079 m), Sólyomkõ (824m), St. Anne’s Lake – a unique volcano lake and Nagy Piliske Peak. Other fine destinations are the Mikes, Apor and St. Anne mineral springs, the Veresviz springs and Ciucaº Lake.